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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020

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Following on from assignment 1, you are required to reflect further on the change process that is or has taken place in your organisational or personal context. Please answer the following questions:
Drawing on theories and concepts from this unit, what approaches, ways of thinking, or models of change have been adopted to manage the change process? (30 marks)
Who are the key players in the change process, and what role do they play? (5 marks)
If you were to be engaged as a Change Management consultant, how might you manage the change process to date? (10 marks)
(Consider the range of Change Agents, which type(s) might be most effective and how best to manage the change process)
You will also be given a score out of five (5) for quality of presentation, correct grammar and punctuation, appropriate use and formatting of referencing.
Total marks = 50

Question 1
Discussion of approaches, types or models of changed adopted. Please make sure you provide a brief summary of the change you engaged with in Assignment 1 and are exploring further in this assignment.

Question 2
Key players in the change process.

Question 3
Actions by the change management consultant.

Reference List
Should be in alphabetical order by author surname (not in the order in which they were referred to in the assignment). For example,

Smith, A. 2016. ‘The magnificent 7[am]?’ Work-life articulation beyond the 9[am] to 5[pm] ‘norm’. New Technology, Work and Employment, 31(3), 209-222.
Workplace Gender Equality Agency. (2016). Reference guide 2015-16. Guide to reporting under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. Sydney, Australia: Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

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