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June 15, 2020
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Unit 6 Case Study

For this scholarly activity, develop a supporting human resource (HR) plan for an organizational strategy. Research a company that has undergone (or attempted to undergo) a shift in organization or culture within the past five years. This shift must have been a result of innovation. Some examples of companies that have gone through this change are Apple, General Motors, Marvel, Delta Airlines, Starbucks, Old Spice, J. Crew, CBS, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Nintendo, Converse, Lego, and Lacoste.

In a paper of four pages of text,

  • describe the organization or culture before and after the shift.
  • Has the shift been successful (e.g., made the company more profitable or influenced the employees to be more productive employees more productive), or did the shift fail?
  • Explain your reasoning.

You are required to use two outside sources and three sources from the attached study guide for a total of five to support your explanation. Your scholarly activity submission should be formatted in accordance with APA style.

Grading Rubric


Level 5 18 (18%) – 20 (20%)

Engages the reader in the topic with some form of creative “hook” (such as a story, quote, example, etc.) and provides a clear background for the topic so that readers can gain an understanding of the purpose of the paper. Clearly presents the essay’s thesis and a summary of the main points that clarify the writer’s point of view. Provides a clear road map for the paper either in the thesis statement or body of introduction.

Quality of Discussion

Level 5 41 (41%) – 45 (45%)

Clear and appropriate. Provides strong evidence of critical thinking. Makes use of excellent transitions. Paragraphs contain strong topic sentences.


Level 5 14 (14%) – 15 (15%)

The organization results in clarity and presents logically arranged points to support the proposed solution. Related ideas are well grouped, and transitions between ideas flow smoothly.

Level of Achievement

Writing is clear and concise. Sentence structure and grammar are excellent. Correct use of punctuation. No spelling errors.

Citations and Formatting

The number of sources meets or exceeds any expressed assignment requirements. Every source used is peer-reviewed or academic in nature. Reference entries and in-text citations follow APA formatting guidelines and are free of errors. All in-text citations are referenced and vice versa