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June 15, 2020
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Chapter 07 Case Study: Circuit Board Fabricators

Do NOT use the questions from the end of the case study. INSTEAD, answer the following questions in your Case Study Paper

CBF hired you to help determine why it is not able to produce the 1,000 circuit boards per day.

What type of process flow structure is CBF using? What other types of process flow structures could have been used? Compare and contrast these structures and explain which method(s) would be feasible for use at CBF and which one would be best for CBF, if different from the structure CBF is currently using.
Analyze the capacity of the process. Are the capacities of all the processes/machines balanced? If some are not, which processes/machines are they and can you determine a cause for the imbalance?
What is the impact of the losses in the process in the inspection and final test?
List and fully explain the recommendations would you make for a short-term solution to CBF’s problems? How would you define “short-term solution” to CBF in terms of days or months?
What long-term recommendations would you make? Describe why these recommendations are different from your short-term solution