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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

Introduction:(Outline the context, and purposes of the report, define terms, and sets limits of the investigation. Mainly use past tense but is presented first)

(Findings: what was found during the research, give the facts only, no interpretation by the writer of the report, can use table, graphs, and diagrams. Logical order with heading and subheading.
Discussion: no opinion please. Refer to findings of other studies and, ore theories
Conclusions: (Brief statement of the key findings of the report, should relate directly to the objectives set out in the term of reference or introduction.)
References: (Please try to use 5 references. Try to improve the refence all in APA FORMAT) Only that are cite in the report),
The mayor part of the report will consist of the Introduction, Finding and, or discussion, Conclusion, and Recommendation. Please remember all in APA FORMAT.


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