Observational Strategies Project.

Explain the origins of the U.S. judicial system and how the judicial system impacts and affects businesses.
February 13, 2021
Why do we say that information management compliance come from the top?
February 13, 2021

Observational Strategies Project

Draft of Observational Guide

Create an observational guide that contains the following required components:

  • Central guiding research question
  • Target group and setting
  • Investigator relationship to the target group and setting
  • Available sources of data (social actions, talk, archival records, etc.)
    • List and organize anticipated puzzlements and jottings
    • List 2–3 specific observations that you will need to make.
    • List 3–4 main questions to guide your conversation with individuals.
      • Include 1–2 probes for each main question.
    • What archival records will you seek?
  • Describe the planned structure and format for recording your field notes.
  • Include a proposed analysis model and a detailed plan for the presentation of your observational results
    • Cite the methodologist.

    4–6 pages

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