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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Throughout the NUR-495 course, you will actively engage in strategically planning for and managing a planned change project within the scope of your current professional role. For this field-based project, you will identify a specific problem or need to serve as the foundation for a faculty-guided capstone experience. Project-related experiences are integrated throughout the course, and will involve application of strategic planning and management processes.

For the purpose of your coursework, application of the strategic planning and project management processes is broken down into six distinct phases in order to integrate the assessment components throughout the eight workshops.

In this discussion, you will explore strategies for stakeholder engagement along with an updated SWOT analysis. Additionally, you will identify the actual and/or potential financial impact of your project, as well as any external influencing factors that are driving the planned change. As discussed previously, the capstone project involves ongoing modifications to strengthen the process and effectively impact change. This week, as you complete your capstone project activities, you will share any modifications to your outcome, activities/action plan, and evaluation plan that may be underway.

Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:

Consider the multifaceted internal and external factors that impact the planned change process.
Implement the activities of your strategic plan necessary to complete the capstone project.

Textbook: Fundamentals of Project Management
Textbook: Leading and Managing in Nursing
Media: The Change Process
Article: Developing Health Visitor Prescribing
Video: Episode 24: How to Complete a SWOT Analysis
File: Impacting Factors Tool.docx
File: Impacting Factors Tool Resource.docx

Background Information
As discussed in Workshop One, the planned change process is rather iterative in nature, with dynamics that are organic rather than static. For this reason, we tend to think of a planned change project as a work in continual process. With each workshop, you will polish and fine-tune aspects of your plan as part of the learning process. Each facet of the planned change process will be unpacked, examined, and critically applied to your capstone project. As you advance in the course, each workshop will bring an opportunity to carefully reflect upon and streamline your work. When the capstone course ends, your final project documentation will accurately articulate the planned change process that you have created and managed.

As you have identified through readings, a number of internal and external factors impact the planned change process. Even the most detailed strategic plan can be successful only if those factors and their impact have been carefully considered. For the purpose of your capstone project, we will examine four specific areas: stakeholder engagement and support, the SWOT analysis, financial impact, and relevant external influencing factors (such as pertinent health policies, accreditation and practice standards, external benchmarking, and the like).

To position your capstone project for success, you will examine each of these four areas and their affect on your specific planned change process. You will also share any necessary modifications to the project outcome, activities, or evaluation plan.

Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
In your textbook Leading and Managing in Nursing, review:
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
In your textbook Fundamentals of Project Management, review Chapter 3.
Optional: Review the media The Change Process.
Read the article “Developing Health Visitor Prescribing”.
You may need to log in, using your MyIWU log in.
Optional: View the video “Episode 24: How to Complete a SWOT Analysis” at
Revisit your Strategic Planning Tool from Workshop One, as well as the instructor feedback that you received regarding your strategic plan and/or capstone project.
Download the Impacting Factors Tool.docx file.
Download and review the Impacting Factors Tool Resource.docx file that explains how to use this tool.
Navigate to the threaded discussion and post your assignment according to the following instructions:
Using information from the Impacting Factors Tool.docx, address the following components.
Who are the stakeholders impacted by your capstone project?
Identify two specific strategies to engage stakeholders and secure their support. Explain why you believe these strategies will be effective.
Conduct an updated organizational SWOT analysis and document your findings for each of the four areas (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) as relevant to your capstone project.
What is the financial implication of your project for the organization? All projects have costs, what expenditures and/or cost savings do you anticipate for the future as a result of this planned change initiative?
Identify the external influencing factors that are driving or that will impact the capstone project. Cite the literature to support your assertions.
Identify any necessary changes to your outcome statement and discuss the rationale for that modification; if no modifications are needed, please state that fact. Share your current outcome statement.
Identify any necessary changes to your corresponding plan for evaluation and discuss the rationale for that modification; if no modifications are needed, please state that fact. Share your current plan for evaluation that corresponds to your outcome statement


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