Financial Statement Analysis
October 29, 2020
Risk Management Techniques
October 29, 2020

A neonate in the nursery, whose mother had no prenatal care, has been diagnosed with macrosomia. For which of the following signs/symptoms should the nurse carefully monitor this baby?

1.       Jaundice.

2.       Jitters.

3.       Blepharitis.

4.       Strabismus.

The nurse in the obstetrician’s office is caring for four 25-week-gestation prenatal clients who are carrying singleton pregnancies. With which of the following clients should the nurse carefully review the signs and symptoms of preterm labor?

1.       African American, 15 years old, with newly diagnosed gestational diabetes.

2.       Asian American, 23 years old, with five-year-old twins who were born at term.

3.       Jewish, 25 years old, working as a certified public accountant.

4.       Mormon, 33 years old, who recently moved into a new apartment.


1.A woman has been diagnosed with chlamydia. The nurse would expect the client to complain of which of the following signs/symptoms?

I.            No signs or symptoms.

II.            Painful lesions on the labia.

III.            Foul-smelling discharge.

IV.            Severe lower abdominal pain.

2.A woman and man have the following genotypes for an autosomal dominant disease: Aa and Aa. If asked, which of the following should the nurse say is the probability of their child having the disease?

I.            25% probability.

II.            50 % probability.

III.             75 % probability.

IV.            100 % probability

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