Discuss how relative deprivation and a stratified society also contribute to crime and delinquency.
October 29, 2020
Undercover work
October 29, 2020

A nurse has just inserted an orogastric gavage tube into a preterm baby. When would the nurse determine that the tube is in the proper location?

i.            When gastric aspirate is removed from the tube.

ii.            When the baby suckles on the tubing.

iii.            When respirations are unlabored during tube insertion.

iv.            When the tubing can be inserted no farther.

2.A client asks the nurse, “Could you explain how the baby’s blood and my blood separate at delivery?” Which of the following responses is appropriate for the nurse to make?

i.            “When the placenta is born, the circulatory systems separate.”

ii.            “When the doctor clamps the cord, the blood stops mixing.”

iii.            “The separation happens after the baby takes the first breath. The baby’s oxygen no longer has to come from you.”

iv.            “The blood actually never mixes. Your blood supply and the baby’s blood supply are completely separate.”

A 4-day-old breastfeeding neonate, whose birth weight was 2,678 grams, has lost 286 grams since its cesarean birth. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?

1.       Nothing, because this is an acceptable weight loss.

2.       Advise the mother to stop breastfeeding and give formula.

3.       Notify the neonatologist of the excessive weight loss.

4.       Give the baby dextrose water between breast feedings.

A nurse has provided a young woman with preconception counseling. Which of the statements by the woman indicates that the teaching was successful? Select all that apply.

1.       “As soon as I think I may be pregnant, I should stop drinking alcohol.”

2.       “It is important for me to see my medical doctor for a complete physical.”

3.       “I should make sure that my daily multivitamin contains folic acid.”

4.       “When I go to my dentist for a checkup I should state that I may be pregnant.”

5.       “From now until I deliver I should refrain from eating sushi and rare meat.”

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