Next Generation Sequencing.

When did the challenge of terrorism emerge and why?
November 30, 2020
Evaluate how your own cultural perspective has influenced your intercultural experiences.
November 30, 2020
  • Subject: Other / Genomics
  • Topic: Next Generation Sequencing
  • Style: Chicago/Turabian
  • Number of pages: 8 pages/double spaced (2200 words)
  • PowerPoint slides: 0
  • Number of source/references: 5
  • Extra features: –
Order instructions:

Double Space
Pick at least 5 primary research papers addressing the subject matter and synthesize information across the papers
Do not cite existing review papers
Clearly establish in the introduction what the problem/method being addressed is
Effective literature searches include pubmed or google scholar

By the end the reader should be aware of the major achievements in the reviewed field, the main areas of debate, Alternative methods and their benefits (e.g. sanger sequencing) and the outstanding research questions.

Your task is to synthesize the information across the papers.
State what the audience should know after reading the review
Define your audience (Jesse and Krishna)

Maximum 3,000 words.•Fully referenced.–Word count does not included references–Chicago (or similar) “author-date” style•Please make double or at least 1.5 space.

I guess the only other information I could add is that Id like the paper to go into detail on the Next Generation Sequencing method, the advantages of it, the disadvantages, talk about alternate methods such as sanger sequencing and then finally the role of NGS in the future of understanding the human genome.

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