Negative consequences of beauty prejudice

What should be emulated and discarded?
December 25, 2020
How are these topics related to a current business-government news story?
December 25, 2020

Research beauty prejudice in the workplace, and use a minimum of three reliable references other than your textbook. After conducting your research, write a minimum three-page paper about your findings. Include the following information in your paper:
 General overview of beauty prejudice
 Negative consequences of beauty prejudice
 Relationship of beauty prejudice to other forms of discrimination
 Societal factors that contribute to and perpetuation this form of discrimination
 Information about three court cases involving beauty prejudice, what they involved, and their outcomes–do you agree with the outcomes? Why, or why not?
 Relevant antidiscrimination legislation that might serve as a basis for discrimination claims
 Recommendations for how to reduce or eliminate this form of discrimination from the workplace  Additional Requirements