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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020


One significant debate in psychology is referred to as the nature versus nurture question. Both sides have strong points in the argument about whether a person’s development results from heredity/biological factors or is mainly a result of life experiences and environmental factors. In this discussion, you will explore this question.


Describe psychological disorders and abnormal behavior and how they are classified.
Identify the five perspectives that psychologists use to explain psychological disorders.
Explain anxiety disorders; depressive and bipolar disorders; somatic symptom, dissociative, sexual, and personality disorders; and childhood disorders and their causes.

Step 1: Respond to the following prompt:

There is continuing controversy over whether specific psychological disorders are chiefly biological in origin (nature) or result primarily from learning and experience (nurture). Select any two disorders from this week’s readings and prepare arguments for both the nature and nurture positions for both disorders.


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