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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Consider the processes of modernity and evaluate the whether these processes facilitate greater protection of human rights or also lead to human rights violations. Discuss in relation to two or more examples of human rights protections and human rights violations.

Please use Zygmunt Bauman and Hannah Arendt as one example of modernity in human rights violations (The Holocaust). You will need to find another example of human rights violations and two protections. In terms of the evaluation, please lean towards the violations rather than protections in your argument.

Some potential arguments (optional):
– Australia in colonial settlement and Australia today
– Compare womens rights in east africa or role of literature
– Protections that the UDRH gives in certain countries
– ‘Bearing Witness’ (social media, platforms – ‘A message in a bottle’ – Fuyuki Kurasawa)
– ‘Images of torture: Culture, politics and power’ (social media, platforms
– ‘Crime, Media, Culture’ – Eamonn Carrabine

However, you DO NOT have to choose any of these if it does not work well with your argument. Please have your content flow smoothly with Bauman and Arendt (in the context of violations).

You can choose whatever topics you like for the 2+ examples of human rights protection.

More information about the essay:
You must research and write on a topic in depth that reflects course content and develop their own specialised references as evidence of further research. You must demonstrate a clear argument; illustrate it with evidence (references, case studies); and take up a critical position on the topic discussed. The knowledge of human rights and their contestation in various contexts, ability to work collaboratively, demonstrated through developing of research skills are assessed.

Please use Hannah Arendt ‘the origins of totalitarianism’ and Zygmunt Bauman ‘Sociology after the Holocaust’ and ‘Modernity and the Holocaust’ as three of your sources.

Please specifically focus on a few main points instead of a vague, general approach in different areas. Please also lean towards more on the violations side rather than the protections side. I have given a few optional sources you can use if you want, however you don’t have to if it does not suit your argument. Thanks.

Optional sources:
– Hannah Arendt ‘Eichmann and the Holocaust’.
– Michael Ignatieff ‘Human Rights as Politics and Idolatry’
– Waldby and Cooper ‘The Biopolitics of Reproduction’
– Patrick Hayden ‘Superfluous Humanity’

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