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June 16, 2020
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Assessment 1
Mind of hacker
Please read requirements carefully
➢ Write easy 1000 words
➢ Plagiarism 5%.
➢ you will be required to submit (Public & private profile –
Resource list -Profile analysis)
➢ I have explained all the requirements for assessment as points
(Public & private profile -Resource list -Profile analysis) and
you will find them on the next page.
➢ Harvard References
Assignment 1: Profile Audit
How vulnerable are you to identity theft? How much of what you
freely share through social media and other channels, might be
used against you, your friends, family or coworkers?
This assignment involves investigating yourself from an outsider’s
point of view, and hacking yourself to build as comprehensive a
profile as possible. The aim of this assignment is not to assess
which students have the most publicly available information, but to
get you thinking on the possible ways a hacker may exploit any
type and amount of information available.
At the end of this assignment, you will be required to submit:

  1. Public & private profile .
  2. Resource list .
  3. Profile analysis .
    • you will be assessed only on the profile analysis. See the
    marking rubric for further information.
  4. Public & private profile
    The main aims of this activity is to gain a better understanding of
    exactly what information about yourself is available online, and the
    ease with which a potential hacker can access it. What many fail to
    realise is that the attack does not have to come from a stranger, it
    could be someone in your circle whose connection request you
    accepted without verifying their identity. Hence, while the first part
    of this activity involves only your publicly available information, the
    second part will involve extracting information about yourself from
    the point of view of a friend or connection.
    Submission requirements
    You will be required to submit a profile of yourself, which should be
    a minimum of one page in length. For privacy purposes, it is
    essential you take note of the following points before submitting
    your profile:
  5. The only fields of information in your profile should be those
    publicly available by someone not in your circle of connections
  6. Apart from your full name, provide only the fields, do not
    include the actual sensitive information
    For example:
    • John Smith
    o One alias
    o Date and month of birth
    o Two email addresses
    o Eight identifiable photographs
    Suggested approach
    While the suggested approach is outlined below, you do not have to
    restrict your research to the method described.
    Public profile
  7. Clear your entire browsing history (show me how (Links to an
    external site.))
  8. Ensure you are signed out of all your accounts (social media,
    web mail, etc.)
  9. Open a private browser (show me how (Links to an external
  10. Begin with a simple Google search, and ensure you search for
    all variations of your name
  11. Browse the results obtained through all search functions (i.e.
    images, videos, news, etc.)
  12. Expand your search to other search engines
  13. Find out as much personal information about you which is
    publicly available ( i.e. Email addresses, phone numbers, your
    ID’s , Your birth place and family details)
    Private profile
  14. Ensure you are signed in on all social media platforms you
    have an account with. Most social media platforms have the
    option to view your profile as a member of your network.
  15. Alternatively, you may enlist the help of a friend or family
    member to view your profiles through the eyes of your social
  16. Explore the different variations and the various extents of your
    profile that are visible to different connections. For example,
    depending on your privacy settings, someone who shares
    mutual connections with you may be able to view more
    sections of your profile as compared to someone with no
    mutual friends or interests.
  17. Resource list
    The list of resources used in your research process may include
    names of search engines, number of social media platforms, and/or
    any other resources that you may have utilised.
  18. Profile analysis (100% mark)
    You will be required to submit a 1,000 word (+- 10%) analysis on
    the vulnerabilities of your profile. The following must be included in
    your analysis, but you need not restrict yourself to these.
  19. Comparison of the extent of information available via your
    public and private profile.
  20. How a hacker may exploit:
    o Publicly available information
    o The relationship between the close connection and the
    subject to gain access to private information
    o Private information
  21. Discussion on the possible motivations and implications of each
    of the above exploits
    Assignment 1 Rubric
    Concepts Applied to Profile Results
    Relevant concepts from the learning
    materials applied accurately and in
    detail to the results of research done
    on your internet presence. The
    analysis should be comprehensive
    (covers all relevant aspects of your
    profile and concepts covered in
    Module 1) and consistent
    Excellent. All relevant concepts applied accurately, all
    clearly detailed showing excellent understanding. Excellent
    cohesion between analysis and profile.
    Critical & Well Supported Critical
    and supported with relevant, recent
    and respected support materials
    (examples, data, references)
    Excellent .ll points well supported. All support materials
    recent and respected.
    Professional Presentation Professional
    standard of writing, clearly structured,
    with appropriate language and tone
    Excellent. Very well written, with clear structure and
    appropriate language and tone.
    Important note:
    We asked Professor about this point:
    (You will be required to submit a profile of yourself, which should be a minimum of one
    page in length)
    What method is required to create a Public & private profile?
    For example, Should we create a profile as a table in a Word file (docx) contains my
    personal information and pictures,
    or choose one of my profile pages on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook,
    or via a particular site that creates profiles?
    He replied:
    De-identify information you include, but it is up to you what you include. Social media
    accounts visible to a hacker would be good places to start.
    No photos or screen-grabs of your social media pages may be included, but a table or
    some other form of tabulation of your profile that describes your findings would be fine