Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
November 30, 2020
Describe the various jobs, career paths and units within the airline.
November 30, 2020

1st: Urinary Tract Infection (2 pages) 2nd: Acute Chest Pain. (2 pages)
both under the same instruction as below, you can use Up to date or other medicine guidelines. I attached 2 cases that I had during the clinical rotation.

Evidenced-Based Practice papers should be a 2-3 page case presentation of a patient with an acute problem and the EBP recommendations that were used to guide diagnosis and treatment. The EBP paper will be evaluated using the rubric listed at the end of the syllabus and must have a cumulative average of 85% or higher. The papers will entail an evaluation of your effectiveness and outcomes in the advanced nursing practice role. EBP papers must include a case study of a patient you have seen in your clinical rotation. It must also show clear guideline utilization and discussion of how the guidelines were used or not used depending on the particular case.

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