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June 16, 2020
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Below are instructions and examples. Please don’t use any topic from below. Please add cover and reference page.

Step #1 – Select a specific media that interests you and identify it’s category & channel.  An example is provided below. per instructions from customer service i will receive total of 12 slides.

Media Category: New Media (Select from Print, Broadcast or New media)Media Channel: The InternetSpecific Media:   Instagram

Step #2 – Now examine the following:

The Impact of Culture on the Media (or the way the media reflects current culture)The Impact of the Media on Culture (or the way the media influences current culture)

Research your chosen media for articles, quotes and images that back up your stances and provide further insight based on your findings.  Include at least 3 major points, with an image or quote to support that main point.

Another Example:

Media Category: Print Media

Media Channel: Books

Specific Media:   Pride & Prejudice

Impact of Culture on Media (or how Pride & Prejudice reflects culture)

Pride & Prejudice reflects a culture of oppression for women.Pride & Prejudice reflects the importance of social class of the time period.

Impact of Media on Culture (or how Pride & Prejudice impacts or influences culture)

Pride & Prejudice promotes social evolution and the changing role and upward movement of women through literature of the times.Pride & Prejudice impacts a renewed interest in British culture – Love Actually film, Downton Abbey series.

Step #3: Prepare a PowerPoint presentation as if you were presenting this in person to your peers, although you will not be required to present it live.   Include speaker notes for further enhancement, and make sure to source any borrowed material with an online link.