Marketing Management

Financial Statement Analysis
October 30, 2020
Cost Management
October 30, 2020

Draw upon your knowledge of the CDMP, together with the CB principles you learned regarding the internal
factors (i.e., perception, attitudes and attitude change strategies and consumer learning) and external factors
(i.e., reference groups and subculture) that drive consumers to behave/purchase/consume in certain ways,
• Segment the potential customers and select one target segment that are most likely to be target
consumers of the selected product (brand),
• Analyse, apply and explain how the internal (two theories) and external (one theory) factors are most
likely to influence potential target consumers in the two stages of their CDMP, and
• Make three marketing recommendations for the clients (Uber for Jump and Allbirds for footwear)
towards outcomes, such as purchasing the product (brand), promoting consumer satisfaction and

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