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June 15, 2020
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For this assignment you will trace the sites and routes of production, transportation, consumption, and disposal that form a single global commodity chain.  You will map the economic, social, political, and cultural relations that intersect in and around this commodity

Step 2: Mapping a Commodity Chain

Using Google MyMaps, created an annotated map of your chosen commodity.  Download the MyMaps tutorial for this assignment 


for instructions on how to add and annotate map elements.

Select Your Sites

Using the information you compiled on the worksheet, identify at least 8-10 sites along your commodity chain. Be sure to include at least one of each of the following:

  • A site pertaining to land or raw/natural materials
  • A site pertaining to labor
  • A site pertaining to finance and capital (e.g. corporate headquarters, regional
  • offices, stock market, investment firm, etc.)
  • A site pertaining to the processing and/or manufacturing of your commodity
  • A site pertaining to the consumption of your commodity
  • A site pertaining to the transportation of goods along the commodity chain
  • A site pertaining to the disposal of your commodity

It is fine if one site accomplishes two of the above goals, as long as both are addressed in the annotations for that site.

Annotate Each Site

For each site, write a 100-250 word commentary about the site that explains how the site fits into the broader commodity chain. For any sites counting toward the above distribution requirements, be sure to address how the site pertains to the given requirement (land, labor, finance, manufacturing, etc.).

A well written commentary will address the following questions:

  • What happens at the site?
  • Who is involved?
  • What political, social, cultural, economic, or historical dimensions shape what happens at the site?
  • How does the site fit into the broader commodity chain?
  • How does the site pertain to the given requirement? (if appropriate)

While there may be some overlap between sites in excess of the required minimum of 8, ensure that you have at least 8 unique commentaries.

Make Your Map

Using Google MyMaps, create a map of your commodity chain. Download the MyMaps tutorial for this assignment.


Give the map a title and in the map description box, write ‘A map created by YOUR NAME showing the global commodity chain of YOUR CHOSEN COMMODITY’, filling in the appropriate information.

Add a place marker on the map for each of the 8-10 sites you have identified along your commodity chain. Give each site a descriptive title and a meaningful symbol and include the 100-250 word annotation you wrote about it in the description box for the site.

After all of your sites have been added to the map, add lines connecting them to represent the path of the commodity chain and the sites’ relationships with each other. Different colors or styles of line might represent different types of relations. Be strategic about the symbols and logic you use to display your commodity chain.

Create a Bibliography

Update the bibliography you started as part of your worksheet if you have used any additional sources. Remember to cite your sources using APA style and that you must have a minimum of four unique sources, two of which must come from somewhere other than the corporation that makes the commodity.

Copy and paste your complete, properly cited bibliography in the map description box underneath the ‘A map created by YOUR NAME showing the global commodity chain of YOUR CHOSEN COMMODITY’ text.

Share Your Map

Using the instructions in the MyMaps tutorial, use the ‘Share’ button on your map to ensure that “Anyone with the link” has been given access to the map and that you have selected “no sign-in required” to view the map.

Copy the provided “Link to share” and post it on the Canvas discussion board for Lesson 03 Assignment: Step

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