What are the actions you will take to ensure that the organization does not return to its original state?
December 26, 2020
December 26, 2020

You have been asked to write a memorandum (1000 words) to the Chief Executive of a Northern Ireland professional-services company. Its 50 staff have been working from home since March 2020, but following the return of its key customers to near-normal operations the CEO and Board of Directors now want the company to return to pre-Covid ways of working in the company’s office. However, home-working has been largely popular, and productivity has slightly increased. The CEO has asked you to make recommendations to her and the board on the actions they should take in response to changing perceptions of the future of work among both their own workers, the company’s other stakeholders, and the wider business community. You should suggest ways to mitigate any threats and exploit any opportunities arising from the changes. You are asked to provide evidence from any relevant sources in support of your advice.

Context (20%)

Evidence of a thorough understanding of the relevant business issues and their importance within the wider context of the NI economy -Clear appreciation of the current situation at the time of writing


Evidence and Analysis (20%)

Analysis provided and solution(s) proposed draw upon an appropriate choice of sources of information. -Relevant theory is applied to facilitate analysis and explanation, as and when appropriate


Recommendations (20%)

Recommendations made are justified by the evidence provided -Recommendations are viable and appropriate for the context


Writing Style and Presentation (40%)

Memorandum is written in a concise and professional style -Appropriate tone and vocabulary are used -Information is presented in a clear way -Any tables, diagrams etc. included are used effectively -An appropriate range of references is used -Sources of information are referenced correctly according to Harvard format