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Assignment Brief

Assessment Task
For this assignment you are expected to complete a 5000 words literature review on a Leading Educational Change and Improvement topic of your choice. With the assistance of your tutor, you will design a provisional title that best meets your needs and interests. You are advised to locate relevant educational leadership material (from journal articles and books/ book chapters, etc) and carry out a literature based assignment based on a selected area of focus. (Seek advice from your tutor and see the assignment guidelines below).
The aim of the assignment is for you to:
• Identify and formulate an inquiry question that defines you would like to learn more on
• Deepen the knowledge of an area of your choice from the module content. This may or may not be an area related to your dissertation.
• Apply your knowledge on reading material that you have learnt in class
• Analyse material that you source from academic sources
• Synthesise this new knowledge into a coherently written review of the literature

You are not expected to start on your assignment until at least after Week 22. This is to give you an opportunity to get full content of the module and make an informed choice. Assignment tutorials will therefore only be offered after Week 22.
• You will identify an area that you are interested in for your assignment topic.
• Fill in the proposal form with your ideas.
• Email your module tutor the assignment proposal form.
• Then arrange for an assignment tutorial. The assignment proposal form will be the basis for the tutorial.
• You should have your tutorial by Week 24
• You will also be given an opportunity to submit an outline by April 15
• The assignment itself is due on 6 May 2019

To allow the tutor to help you with the assignment, please make sure that you address the following aspects in your assignment proposal form:
• Identify your topic
• Refer to at least 5 academic publications in your proposal which will be relevant to your assignment.
• Include a set of clear research questions
• Provide the full references list of the sources cited and an indicative bibliography of other sources that will be consulted.
• Submit your proposal form in time.
• Submit the outline in time.

Feedback will be given on the proposal form during the tutorial and on the outline you will submit at a later stage.
Assignment structure
This structure is for guidance only. If you can justify using a different structure, please do so, but make sure to discuss this with your tutor during the tutorial). The word counts are provided just for guidance.

Provide a working title for your assignment.

Introduction (about 500 words c.10%)
• State the purpose of the assignment
• State the rationale of the review (why you are doing it; why it is important and why now).
• Set out your objectives or research questions clearly and in full sentences / statements. (you can use these RQs as themes to structure your assignment.
• Include a paragraph on methodology (i.e how you sourced the literature)

Methodology (500 words c.10%)
• Explain systematically how you searched and sourced your material for the review

Main body (3500 words c.70%)
• Provide a critical review of relevant literature (critique, compare and contrast writings/views).
• Write thematically, not author-by-author, and present a range of alternative perspectives. Indicate where authors disagree, and explain why this might be so.
• You synthesise by integrating the findings of several papers. Do not simply summarize one paper at a time, but synthesize the findings by determining where there is agreement among papers versus where there are contrasting findings, etc.
• This section can be divided into several sub-headings

Conclusion (500 words c.10%)
• Provide a brief conclusion by summarising the key issues in your own words, linking to the purpose of your review.
• Summarise the main gaps and what needs to be done in future research to understand the topic.
• Do not continue the discussion here
• Do not introduce new literature here
• Reflect on the achievement of aims of the review (your assignment)

References (not included in word count)
• You need to include a full list of the references cited in the assignment, in alphabetical order by surname, and including full details as per referencing convention (eg. Harvard style).
• Where you refer to texts within your assignment, paraphrase and use the author-date system, e.g. (Bush, 2016). Where direct quotations are used they must be indicated with inverted commas and accompanied by a page number, e.g. “School principals can only influence student outcomes indirectly” (Leithwood, 2008, p. 123). Quotations that are longer than three lines must be indented in their own paragraphs with full reference as above. Although quotations are good to use, paraphrasing more demonstrates better understanding and facilitates better knowledge internalisation.
• Use of newspaper articles/websites is permitted if used to show context or viewpoints, but not to substantiate scholarly arguments.
• You can also cite grey material (government reports and policies) with proper referencing.

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