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October 10, 2020
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October 13, 2020

Case Study on Verizon
Verizon began as a cell phone sales and service 20 years ago. The sales were based in the United States and employed people from the US. The CEOs were, as my son says, the “rich white guys”. The culture and goals of the company were to build on that culture.
Today Verizon is multi-faceted in their products, services, goals; the entire culture has changed. They are now a world leader as a growing company in the Global market.
Verizon is finding success in the global market as it has gone from selling cell phones in the US to what it is today. In studying the websites, you will find that Verizon now includes gender, customer and ethnic diversity; it has greatly expanded their services through acquisitions in many different fields. The way meetings are conducted and the communication styles have changed to accommodate different country cultures and related time zones. Growing a company that includes many smaller companies very different from cell phones is now who Verizon is.

Your final case study for the LDRS 301 class is to discover and identify the exciting and dynamic changes Verizon has made in 20 years, as well as why they are well positioned to experience continued and stable growth in the future.
The purpose of this assignment is to identify three areas of change the Verizon company has made to position themselves for Global growth, and describe what a leader in Verizon today must look like.
List the three changes
Why was it needed
What are two ways the change has impacted the company.
Describe what successful leadership will look like in Verizon today.

Your resources will be directly from the Verizon website, as well as the information presented in the interview with Brian Jager. You will find particular support in looking at the Executive Leadership website, as well as the Verizon Fact Sheet. There are many other aspects to explore as well. There are readings and pictures. Be sure to listen to 1 – 2 of the brief podcasts on the Executive Leadership site.
Your assignment will be to present a 3-5 minute recording you can put on a link from I Cloud, Zoom, You Tube, or other recording source. It must be easily accessible and submitted into the dropbox. Emailed submissions are not accepted.

Have fun with this assignment. The highest marks will be presented for your observations. There are no specific answers.

3 pages / 825 words

3 sources required



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