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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

This a discussion post for a Leadership and Teams business class. The post should accomplish the following four tasks:

1.) Briefly summarize an example of marvelous leadership. It should be something that you saw or read

2.) Explicitly state the key concept(s), concern, or dilemma you see so that it is perfectly clear to us why we should think about and discuss this example together.

3.) Provide links or otherwise cite your sources. Attach a more complete account of the story, link to a news story that describes the situation, and/ or provide a citation offering evidence for why your argument is credible. To keep your description brief (task 1) and to substantiate your core issues (task 2), use pointers or attachments to let us find out more.

4.) Raise a question, make a claim, or pose a challenge for us to address regarding the example. Seek the wisdom of the crowd, let the sparks fly, or otherwise allow us to bring our different perspectives and experience to bear. Encourage us to engage.

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