Labor Markets and Wage Determintation.

Marketing Management.
October 31, 2020
Kinds of market structure
October 31, 2020

Which statement best describes the Hawthorne effect?

a. Giving workers rest periods seems like it should decrease productivity, but it actually increases productivity.

b. Social relations among workers have a greater effect on productivity than physical environment.

c. Changes in light levels improve working conditions and therefore increase productivity.

d. The attention of researchers on subjects causes the effect the experimenter is looking for

Which of the following questions is illegal to ask in a job interview in the United States?

a. Which university did you attend?

b. Which state were you born in?

c. Do you have a commercial driver’s license?

d. What salary would you expect for this position?


Who is responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant?

a. Americans with Disabilities Act

b. Supreme Court of the United States

c. U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

d. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Which practice is an example of Theory X management?

a. telecommuting

b. flextime

c. keystroke monitoring

d. team meetings

Oct 28 2020 08:06

Which is one effect of the team halo effect?

a. teams appear to work better than they do

b. teams never fail

c. teams lead to greater job satisfaction

d. teams boost productivity

Which of the following is the most strongly predictive factor of overall job satisfaction?

a. financial rewards

b. personality

c. autonomy

d. work content

What is the name for what occurs when a supervisor offers a work-related reward in exchange for a sexual favor?

a. hiring bias

b. quid pro quo

c. hostile work environment

d. immutable characteristics

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