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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

Type your response under each question, also i will give you access to my ebook so you can use as one of your sources and to support your answer for each question
After reading the news article about Florida’s new law to establish a “John Registry,” discuss how you feel about this macro-level intervention to reduce the demand for paid sex. Think about the following prompts and respond to at least 3 of them for your original post:

1. do you think it will work (will it reduce the demand for paid sex)
2.what are some negative outcomes that could come from such laws
3. do you think such a registry would be equally applied to all Johns or only to lower-level Johns (e.g., would powerful or rich people be exempted, or those in public offices/services like Robert Craft or a police officer convicted of paying for sex?)
4.should the registry only be available to sworn officers and court officials (similar to the juvenile sex offender registry in many states the possible consequences of having such a registry outweigh the benefits
6.what agency should be responsible for maintaining such a registry and how much will it actually cost taxpayers
7.has any other state or city tried to create such a registry and how has it turned out

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