Is voting enough?

How can a DSM diagnosis affect an adolescent?
November 21, 2020
“King Leopold’s Ghost”
November 21, 2020

For this third discussion, I want you to continue thinking about advocacy and voting.

1. Is voting and promoting for a specific political candidate a form of advocacy?

2. Is voting enough? Why should people especially the ones affected by specific policies get involved?

3. What would you tell a person who says that they don’t vote because their vote does not count?

Please respond to these questions.

Write no less than three referenced paragraphs using in- text citation in APA formatting. It is recommended that postings contain at least 2-3 citations and references must be included in a reference list. Students are also required to read and respond to two of their classmates’ postings. Respond with at least one paragraph, use at least one citation and also use a reference list. Do not respond with one sentence. Read carefully and be friendly while critiquing and or agreeing

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