Is marketing beneficial? Why?

Explain how intelligent design is similar to and how it is different from the argument from design.
February 12, 2021
What complications arise for companies that do not employ GDIS?
February 12, 2021


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single spaced – 1 page… proper paragraphs

In a paragraph format, answer all components of the following questions:

Please note: do not just list arguments, you have to explain them.

  • Is your major or future dream job related to marketing? If yes, explain how your major or future dream job could be related to marketing? How could your marketing knowledge benefit your major? If not, explain the reason why you think it is not related or would not benefit you. – Justification is important. A good answer relates the definition of marketing and what it is with what you will be doing in the future
  • Is marketing bad? Why? Even if you don’t agree it is bad, explain some the arguments (at least three) that some people might have against marketing.
  • Is marketing beneficial? Why? Provide at least three arguments why marketing is important or beneficial. Think, if you are to convince a CEO to invest in marketing what would be your reasoning?

Use your own word

My major is Management so based on that link with your answer on question 2

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