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June 16, 2020
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The purpose of the Irregular Warfare essay is to provide a vehicle to assess the student’s critical thinking, stated lesson educational objectives, and academic writing skills. Answer your selected writing prompt and provide evidence to support your position from the course materials or outside sources. Use original thought and analyze the topic with the knowledge gained in the course and through your life experiences. Ensure to use proper in-text citations when citing a source.


The assignment is to write a 750-1000 word paper answering one of the questions below.

a. Does preparation for success against irregular threats aid the Marine Corps’ ability to fight and win a major war against a near-peer competitor or is it a detriment? Why?

b. How can Marine small unit leaders—particularly Marine SNCOs—best prepare their Marines for success in conventional, irregular, and hybrid warfare?

c. Maneuver warfare requires the development of a bias for action—intelligent leaders with a penchant for boldness and initiative—down to the lowest levels. Is this bias for action as relevant to irregular warfare as it is to traditional warfare? Why?

Students must submit their essay (in the format provided) for grading by uploading their essay as a Word document in the 6715 IW Essay coversheet as one file via your seminar site. Do not submit two files. Students may use any word processing software to complete this assignment; however, the submitted file must be exported or saved as a .doc or a .docx file (most current word processing products—including several free ones—support this function) before it is uploaded to your course site.

The 6715 Essay Rubric is available on your course site for student use while completing this assignment.

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