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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

A. Follow Purnell’s – Culture Competency
(see attached)
B. Now consider the complexity of a client you may have:
How will this change your care for your client?
( 1 paragraph)

C. Write your personal story following Purnell’s theory Questions you need to answer:
1. Heritage – tell me about you.
2. How do you communicate within your family?
3. Family dynamics / roles. Who makes decisions?
4. Work force issues – view of education.
5. Biology – skin color, specific body colors, textures – such as hair, or height
6. High risk behaviors – maybe a pattern in the family
7. View of nutrition and how you perceive your nutrition
8. Health practices regarding pregnancy. Birthing practices, rituals
9. Death rituals – something that is specific to your family
10. Spirituality – religion, your perception and choices
11. Health care perceptions – Self -care, supplements
12. Health care practices
(2 pages in length)

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