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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Interview Questions
Please use this link to submit a minimum of 10 questions you will use during your interview with a sports business professional.
This week you are to submit a list of questions you will use to guide you during your interview. This list is only a draft and does not need to include all of the questions you will end up asking, however, these questions will help you to gather your thoughts about the information you would like to obtain and serve to direct the conversation. During your interview you should welcome the discussion as it develops and ask new questions as they arise etc. Please read this INFORMATION INTERVIEWS GUIDE before you draft your questions. It’s a great resource that gives some very good insight and helpful direction on information interviews.
Finally, when submitting your Word document, your file should be titled – “Your Last Name 110 Week 6 Assignment.” For example, If I were a student submitting the assignment, it would be titled: Reese 110 Week 6 Assignment.docx.

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