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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Trade Union Density and Employment Conditions: Is there still a need for collective work agreements? According to the ILO (2016), the following represent union density in different countries:

Compare and contrast the countries that rank lowest, at the middle and at the high end in terms of union density, IR regulations such as individual and collective agreements and employment conditions in these countries. For instance, Finland, Denmark and Iceland rank amongst the highest in union membership, whilst Guatemala, Thailand and Peru rank at the low end, Brazil, Costa Rica and Ghana are somewhere in the middle.Your report will include the following (you can extend your research to include other relevant aspects and perspectives):
Outline the political, socio-economic conditions, technology, access to education, gender issues and employment/unemployment/underemployment/casualization levels in these countries.
In which industry sectors are union density most prevalent?
Is the concentration of workers skewed towards any specific occupational groups?
Discuss the employment conditions such as hours of work, pay rates, leave, flexible work arrangements and job security, etc.
Assess whether the IR laws and regulations in these countries support job security, fair and ‘decent’ working conditions.
Provide your evaluation of whether union density impacts or influences employment conditions.