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June 17, 2020
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For this assignment, you are being placed in the role of a senior staff officer working on a division staff. You are to write an information paper about the joint light tactical vehicle (JLTV) that will go into a “CG briefing book” along with other topics (being prepared by other staff action officers) the Commanding General (CG) is being updated on.

Using and complying with the CG provided format is important. There are multiple formats for an information paper throughout the Army. In future assignments, your unit or command will tell you which format to use. For this assignment, follow the example provided in the “F105 Example Information Paper” and include both proper endnote or footnote citation and a bibliography. Sources are not always cited in an information paper; however, this Division Chief of Staff (CofS) (notional for assignment purposes) is a stickler for having his staff officers provide verified and sourced information and demands you provide citation and bibliography IAW CGSC ST22-2 as taught at CGSC and as the CofS used at the Army War College

You are provided a reference sheet (“F100 Information Paper and Essay References”) containing links to articles and information about the JLTV. Use this to begin research process of collecting information and organizing your paper. not restricted to using just those sources.

Information papers are succinct and designed to be fact-based and provide the senior decision maker relevant and pertinent information. DA-level information papers are often 1-page. This assignment will be no less than one (1) typed page, and no more than two (2) typed pages in length to provide all relevant information regarding your topic. read/analyze information and develop information paper per the format provided to you (example in the document called “F105 Example Information Paper.”) Follow the directions on the example for the format and for specific instructions on how to write an information paper. Use the example as a template for fonts, margins, spacing, etc. Use Arial 12-pitch font and one-inch margins. Remember to use active voice in academic writing and do not use first person