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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020

This is course work associated with Growth Strategies-Management. Please assign a writer that has related knowledge.

• Clearly identifying an industry for analysis
• Finding firms that make up the industry and accurately characterizing them (3a-d)
• Applying concepts from readings to the chosen industry (3e-f)
• Appropriate and meaningful reflection upon completion of the assignment

Step 1: Choose an industry you would like to explore. Below are examples of such industries that you can focus on or choose your own. Try to choose an industry where you think you can get plenty of information. Sample industries include: Banking, Technology, Wellness, 3D Printing, Online Education.
Step 2: Find 2-3 companies that are building and expanding your chosen industry.
Step 3: Answer the following questions about each of the companies in the chosen industry. You can use bullet points, phrases or short sentences. Think about the concepts learned in class (industry analysis, competition and market creation) and reflect on the current state and potential future direction of that industry.
a) Name of the company
b) Date of establishment
b) Number of employees (if available)
d) Summary of the business model (2-3 sentences)
e) How is the company “claiming” the market?
i) Example of Adopting a Template
ii) Example of Signaling Leadership
iii) Example of Disseminating Stories
f) How is the company “demarcating the market” and “controlling the market”? Give examples of specific actions within each category if it is applicable.

After answering the questions, post a final reflection (NO MORE THAN 259 WORDS) incorporating past topics and providing a brief conclusion of what you think is going to happen to those companies.