Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Describe how principalism would be applied according to the Christian worldview.
November 21, 2020
Explain the differences between a user fee, regulatory fee, beneficiary-based tax, a liability-based tax,
November 21, 2020

Looking for a five to six page essay on the following research question How has Department of Homeland Security government agencies such as Border Patrol and Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) changed following the terrorist attacks of 9/11?” The paper needs to be five six pages long double spaced in APA format. The font required is Times New Roman with a size of 12. Within the document, i need a few peer reviewed sources. Within the essay, if you could provide qualitative data that shows your stance and follow that up with quantitative data that supports your reasoning that would be ideal. Please stay on task as best as possible with the research question.

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