“If only I would hit the lottery.”

Market Research
February 11, 2021
Case study: Ford Motor Company.
February 12, 2021

Psychology question.

Motivation and Emotion

For your assignment this week, choose ONE of the following sayings and use information from your text our outside sources (be sure to cite your reference appropriately) to answer the question that follows.

  • “Smile, even though your heart is breaking,” suggests a standard in the American songbook.  Good advice?  Make reference to the James-Lange theory of emotion and the facial-feedback hypothesis in your answer.
  • “Keep a stiff upper lip.”  Good advice?  Evaluate this adage with reference to research investigating the effects of suppressing negative affect on the one hand or expressing it on the other.
  • “If only I would hit the lottery.”  Does money really buy happiness?  Why or why not?  Make reference to empirical evidence in your response.
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