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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

You are required to write your assignment in response to the following question:

What is Human Resource Development? Examine the impact on HRD caused by the changing nature of the workforce, the volatile economic environment and the rapid change in the types of jobs being performed today? How would you justify to senior management that more money needs to be spent on HRD (consider the benefits to organisations, employees and society)?

In responding to the above questions you will need to support your analysis with a minimum of ten references from academic journal articles. Remember that this is a research paper and clear arguments need to be presented. The title page, executive summary, reference page and appendices do not comprise part of the word limit prescribed and can be added on. The word count should be mentioned on the first page.

This assignment has the following objectives: 1. Investigate the role of human resource development in work settings. 2. Develop theoretical and applied research skills in relation to: a) Locating and summarising information relevant to that topic; b) Presenting balanced arguments regarding the issues discussed; c) Critically analysing current theories, ideas and contributions and; d) Writing and referencing professionally. 3. Synthesise the relevant theory and practice.

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