How you might apply the information to criminal justice work.

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
November 30, 2020
Describe the various jobs, career paths and units within the airline.
November 30, 2020
Subject: Law
Topic: Immigration & Human Rights

Paper details:

• Part 1 – 1-2 page

Part 2 – 6-8 scholarly references

Part 3 – Outline & Bibliography

Part 4 – Paragraph of each major section of the paper

Part 5 – final paper due

A minimum of 8–10 references (in addition to any course readings that you may wish to reference). Please be aware that user-created websites such as Wikipedia will not be accepted as scholarly references.

• A brief description of your topic and an explanation of why you selected it. Your topic should relate to one of the three concepts: human rights, the rule of law, or international justice.

• A brief explanation of how your topic relates to your concentration in your program.

• A summary of relevant information related to your topic.

• An explanation of how you might apply the information to criminal justice work in your concentration (e.g., Homeland Security; Criminal Justice Management and Administration; Human Services for Criminal Justice, etc.). • An explanation of how the information migbcqht be used to affect social change.

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