How should patient questions be dealt with?

How does medical malpractice differ from a standard negligence claim?
November 20, 2020
How can he combine the two methods of record management?
November 20, 2020

Case Study : Technology:Caitlin is the office manager in a large private pediatric practice in the city. The physicians met and decided to switch all records to a laptop-based system where nurses and doctors will log all records in a laptop. All patient interactions, data, and records will be entered primarily into the laptop, and no hand-written records will be taken. Caitlin is asked to come up with a plan for the conversion. This office has 13 doctors, 10 nurses, and 2 physician’s assistants that will all be using the laptops when evaluating patients. What should Caitlin consider in her conversion plan? How should patient questions be dealt with? What other concerns should Caitlin take into consideration when formulating her plan?

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