How could the theory explain the challenge?

Should recruit officers receive ethics training while at the Police College?
November 21, 2020
What are the characteristics of the internet as channel of communication.
November 21, 2020

What impact is this challenge having & who does it affect. Are the CJS responding to this challenge in any way – if possible. Are the CJS responding to this challenge appropriately? Critically analyse the CJS’s response to the challenge. How does theory relate (does it support or critique the response from the CJS)Explain the relationship between criminological theory and research, and criminal justice practice. àHow can the CJS improve the challenge (using new ideas) and how does theory defend/support this suggestion.

How to relate Theory to the essay:

  • How could the theory explain the challenge?
  • What key concepts/terms does the theory use?
  • How could the theory critique or support the response to the challenge?
  • How could the theory inform implications or recommendations for future?


Para 1: 400 words

Para 2: 400 words

Conclusion: 200 words

Sources that are essential to be used and cited:

  1. An introduction to criminological theory, fourth edition, Roger Hopkins.
  2. Probation: working with offendersby Robert Canton, 2011
  3. Working in Probation in The Routledge Guide to Working in Criminal Justiceby Ester Ragonese, Anne Rees, Jo Ives, Terry Dray. Chapter: 5
  4. The Routledge guide to working in criminal justice: employability skills and careers in the criminal justice sector
  5. Carrabine et al (2014) ‘Criminology: A Sociological Introduction’
  6. DeKeseredy, W. S (2011) ‘Contemporary Critical Criminology’

Grading criteria:

  • Excellent knowledge and profound grasp of subject. Very good evidence of theoretical understanding.
  • Excellent application of contemporary academic understanding. More evidence of originality in its analysis and evaluation.
  • Excellent and showing originality in the selection and application of source materials. Excellent use of academic sources to develop a very persuasive standpoint and/or argument.
  • Exemplary clarity, structure and presentation. Spelling, grammar and referencing are correct throughout.


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