How could technology be incorporated into the training?

“The real other? Museum objects in digital contact networks,”
November 26, 2020
Provide examples of components in the complex system of metabolism that converts food we eat into usable energy
November 26, 2020

In previous modules, you worked on needs analysis and training design to help Fred Knott, the training consultant for BINZ, Inc. In this training project, you will consider which training methods will be most effective for the training session you are designing for EITHER the sales OR customer service department.

Based on your needs analysis and design for training from your previous assignments, describe how you would utilize a minimum of 3 training methods as part of your training plan for BINZ, Inc. Be sure to refer to your previous assignment on training design as you describe your recommended training methods.

Some questions/items to address in this assignment:

What methods would you use? How and when would you implement them? Be specific in your description of activities using your methods.
Why would the methods you chose to use be effective?
How could technology be incorporated into the training?
What potential drawbacks do you see with your planned methods?
Discuss the costs associated with your methods. Roughly how much money and work will be required (upfront and ongoing) to implement and maintain these training methods?

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