How can we (as a class) incorporate good social learning practices in our class?

Provide recommendations for how the U.S. could improve its policies and the expected benefits.
January 20, 2021
What should the client, investigators, and others do—or not do—to ensure that evidence could be used in a court of law?
January 20, 2021


Our discussion for this week starts to dig into the first chapter. First though, we are also going to discuss learning. I want you to develop goals for yourself this semester. Please list three goals. Answer the question-how your are going to accomplish the goals-what is the plan? So if you have a goal of doing my homework early. How are you going to do that? Maybe that means putting the homework on a calendar or a task list. Maybe that means you create a to-do list on your computer. Whatever works for you. The list that I posted is designed for face to face learning, but adapt to online learning.

1) Using the goal list as a guide, develop 3 goals and explain how you are going to accomplish those goals.

A challenge in online learning is the social interaction that can happen in face to face learning situations seems to be lost. So read the Learning is Socially Interactive handout. Given that we understand that learning is enhanced by social interaction, how can we incorporate that into this class?

2) How can we (as a class) incorporate good social learning practices in our class?

I have posted a communication model for you. It is a transactional model of communication.

3) Explain why this model is transactional. Look at the Context element. What are some examples of how those factors might influence a communication interaction? Look at the Communicator elements (Culture, Education, Experiences, Moods, Emotions) give some examples of how these factors influence your interactions.

4) Why do we study communication?

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