How can social media can be used as an instrument of planned social change.

Discuss this intersection of the personal and the political in the music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
November 21, 2020
Evaluate how better business decisions can benefit not just the producer but the consumer and society as a whole.
November 21, 2020

Course: Psychology-Topic focuses on social change and community intervention
Answer both question 150 words EACH. Please use more words if needed to answer the entire question. Using the sources provided (chapter 4 reading that is below with the URL link and other articles in uploaded file) to answer both questions each. Use in text citation and no plagiarism!
1. Differentiate between planned and unplanned social change which will be discussed in Chapter 4. What issues are related to planned social change? What strategies can be helpful in implementing and sustaining planned social change? Also, without question, social media is influencing social change for better and worse in an unplanned way. So Consider how social media can be used as an instrument of planned social change in your reply. Support your explanation with scholarly resources.

2. What strategies are important to consider when implementing social change and intervention? Discuss two strategies discussed in Chapter 5, include the advantages and disadvantages of each. Support your explanation with scholarly resources.

The reading below with aid in both questions as well as other material in uploaded file.
Moritsugu, Vera, Wong, & Duffy: Community Psychology. URL:
Please take note that other articles to help in answering both questions are in the uploaded file. Although, scholarly sources can be used, please consider the given material first.

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