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June 15, 2020
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Unit 7 Instructions

The 2012 revision to the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) requires that employers train workers on the GHS-compliant hazard warning labels and safety data sheets (see 1910.1200(h)(3)(iv)). Using Appendices C and D of the current standard as a resource, develop a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that can be used to train the employees at a hotel and restaurant. Include examples of the hazardous materials found in your selected workplace in the presentation

When creating your presentation, be sure your explanations and discussion are in plain language and at a level suitable for your target workforce; do not just quote the standard. (The target audience will be hotel and restaurant workers) Additional resources can be found at OSHA’s Hazard Communication page located below. Please incorporate four outside references along with the reference from the attached study guide for a total of five into the PowerPoint presentation. Please include a tile and reference slide. The notes may be used to explain the concepts listed on each slide in the PowerPoint presentation.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration. (n.d.). Hazard communication. Retrieved from https://www.osha.gov/dsg/hazcom/index.html

Grading Rubric

Content(60 points) 54 – 60Presentation shows originality and inventiveness. The content and ideas are presented in a unique and interesting way. Demonstrates thorough analysis and development of topic.
Organization(10 points) 9 – 10The organization results in clarity and presents logically arranged points to support the proposed solution. Related ideas are well grouped, and transitions between ideas flow smoothly.
Quality of Presentation(10 points) 9 – 10All graphics and/or texts are appropriate and attractive and support the theme and content of the presentation. Background use is consistent, appropriate to topic, and not distracting.
Citations and Formatting(10 points) 9 – 10The number of sources meets or exceeds any expressed assignment requirements. Every source used is peer-reviewed or academic in nature. Reference entries and in-text citations follow APA formatting guidelines and are free of errors. All in-text citations are referenced and vice versa.
Writing Mechanics(10 points) 9 – 10Writing is clear and concise. Sentence structure and grammar are excellent. Correct use of punctuation. No spelling errors


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