Government responses (policies and programs) .

How does one overcome a relationship crisis for Kierkegaard?
November 27, 2020
Write a report.
November 27, 2020
Subject: Sociology
Topic: research paper

Paper details:

Literature Based For your final paper, you have two options: a research paper based on literature and archival resources or a paper based on interviews and analysis. The paper must be 7-10 pages excluding the bibliography and abstract/cover page.

This assignment should include: a review of literature. (The analysis should integrate three disability theories and concepts discussed in the syllabus.) 6-8 citations 7-10 double-spaced pages long (excluding bibliography and cover page) You may use the following types of sources as your citations: Journal articles Policy reports Media reports Assignment Outline The paper should include the following sections: Introduction Overview of the issue Background Scale and scope of the problem Historical context Demographics Magnitude of the issue Barriers and challenges Stigma and attitudinal barriers Accessibility barriers Resource scarcity Current approaches and responses to the problem: Responses by disability community, family members, and organizations working on disability issues Government responses (policies and programs) Nature of response (medical model, social model, bio-psycho-social model) Recommendations for: disability community, family members, allies policy makers social workers and those people implementing programs Rubric Following assignment outline, creativity and original thinking: 25 Critical thinking and application of disability concepts and theories 25 Systematic review of literature and well-developed argument based on multiple sources of knowledge (academic articles, news media, policy reports and research including those developed by disability advocacy groups): 25 Clear organization, language, grammar, sentence structure and overall writing skills: 15 Following APA, MLA, or any other formatting standard, both in-text and bibliography Powerpoint presentation of 5 to 7 minutes with research topic and key findings, 7-10 slides: 5 points (Presentation can follow paper heading sections above. Please upload presentations on Blackboard under Assignmenbcqts in the Presentation section.)

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