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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

The instructor will make recommendations on helpful articles to assist students as they continue with
the completion of their research topic. Students are advised to link their research to an
issue that he/she feels addresses a real world problem. This will make it easier to find
enough research to successfully complete the appropriate number of pages for this exam
 The final exam requires the submission of ten (10) pages. This does not include the title
page and reference pages. For the final exam paper, students need to have a minimum of
fifteen references. All of these references must be from a scholarly source.
Remember, for every
reference listed, you must also include an in-text citation in your written work. I encourage you to use the library resources that have been placed in Blackboard to assist
you. A combination of APA formatting and a guide, prepared by Dr. Wilson, can be located in Blackboard. Research topics must be approved by instructor.
Civic Issue Research Paper
(10 pages, APA format): You will prepare a civic issue research
paper that clearly defines and frames a key policy or civic issue that matters to you. Your
paper should (a) define the key problem or civic issue for study; (b) explain why this
problem or civic issue requires civic action; (c) identify what is the appropriate level(s)
(i.e., local, national, global) for action should be to address that problem or civic issue.
You will use web-based research on the Internet to analyze and to evaluate what are the
leading nonprofit organizations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), or policy think
tanks that are working on this particular civic problem or policy issue. Also, scholarly
journal articles will be used to support your research.
Also, add a 150-250 abstract on your paper.
Every paragraph should include at least two different in-text citation and quantitative data. The paper should also analyze at least two policies related to the topic.

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