Give an overview of the applications design, main components and how the work together (client/server);

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November 26, 2020
November 26, 2020

For devices to communicate on a WAN or distributed system, protocols need to be established. The XML Protocol (XMLP) working group define a language that enables application developers to independently introduce extensions and new features as required. XMLP separates the message from the transport binding which introduces two intermediaries: transport intermediaries and processing intermediaries.

Task :
Identify and discuss an example of an application that needs to maintain its state for the duration of a user’s session and how it could utilise XMLP (or SOAP) to enable this.
You should clearly state the nature of the application and the specific requirements it will need, in particularly the type and purpose of the data that must be maintained as the application’s ‘state’. You will need to do some background research and clearly state any assumptions you make. Your discussion should be supported by appropriate references to the literature, and use accurate technical terms, which may need to be explained in the context of your selected application.
Your discussion should consider the following points:
• Security and ethical implications of the selected application indicating where you approach may mitigate these;
• An overview of the applications design, main components and how the work together (client/server);
• And how XMLP along with other relevant protocols can be used by the application.

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