“Girls like us” Film Review

Evaluate the functions of the Governing Board.
February 11, 2021
Define, describe, and discuss the role that Western Powers played in the proliferation of opium and heroin from the 5th Century (early Middle Ages) through World War II.
February 11, 2021

Girls like us” Film Review

What are your initial reactions to this film? What stands out, what did you know/not know, etc.?

Did Girls Like Us influence your perception of the people in the film? How so? Be specific!

answer the questions thoroughly, drawing from the documentary as well as from your reading of Girls Like Us. You MUST quote Girls Like Us at least 2 times in the answer.

You must cite the book Girl like us 2 times form anywhere in the book

https://sjsu.kanopy.com/video/tricked-0and this is the link the documentary

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