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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

For this discussion, suppose you work for a healthcare organization and your local government is considering establishing something called a health effectiveness analysis program (HEAP). The purpose of this program would be to look for areas of intervention that would promote health and save money for the state and its people.

You have been asked to write a brief memo for your organization’s leadership. Using the example of childhood immunizations, identify and briefly discuss three or more issues or questions that are likely to arise in making economic evaluations (e.g., cost–benefit or cost-effectiveness analyses) of health interventions. What impact would this intervention have on demand and consumer behavior in the long run

In responding to at least two classmates, compare and contrast their memo with your own. What additional questions or issues would you include that they did not? Based on the analysis in their memo, would you recommend initiating an intervention regarding childhood immunizations?

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