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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

The purpose of this section is to explain the readiness of the organization and its ability to implement and benefit from the proposed solution. It should begin with a brief introduction. Then, you will assess the economic/financial, organizational/operational, and technical feasibility of the proposed solution (QFloors), and express the likelihood of success for the proposed solution. Each of the following areas should be addressed in paragraph form (remember not to use a question and answer format, just include all the required information):

(Proposed solution: QFloors flooring software ERP): https://www.qfloors.com

A. Economic/Financial Feasibility
In what economic environment is the business currently operating?
Is the proposed project within the financial capability of the organization?
How long should it be until the business starts recovering the costs of implementation through increased efficiencies, increased profits, reduced costs, etc.?
A. Organizational/Operational Feasibility
How well does the proposed system solve the problem(s), or take advantage of the opportunity identified?
How easily can the proposed system be integrated into the existing business processes?
Is there a need for additional staffing?
Will staffing be reduced, and if so, how will that likely impact the organization?
Will a reorganization of the staff be required?
Is retraining feasible?
A. Technical Feasibility
What assurance is there that the proposed system will perform the expected functions?
How will the proposed system fit with other IT already in use; does it fit into the current IT architecture?
How difficult will it be to implement the solution in the organization?
How difficult will the technology be for the employees to learn to use?
How difficult will it be for the organization to manage the proposed solution?

Approach to Developing this Section
Read Sue Conger’s introduction to feasibility. Also, read section 2.7 of the HHS Feasibility Study and Alternatives Analysis. Develop a paragraph or two for each area of feasibility, incorporating responses to each of the questions asked above. Include a convincing argument for the likelihood of success of the proposed solution.

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