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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

Extra Credit Graded Assignment: Choice of Designer

A) Please choose a designer from the Approved List provided.


B) Please write an essay explaining the reason(s) you feel this designer should be remembered and why.
This is a minimum of one page plus assignment. You are encouraged to add more content for an in depth perspective. Note each page is approximately 250-300 words without sources cited or heading. For full credit consideration, you are encouraged to add more content for an in depth perspective, 500-600 words. As this is a short report, please refrain from using quotations or keep them brief.
 Please use the material posted in Lectures and Additional Resources Folders throughout the semester.
 Additionally, research must include professional trade sources found in our Berkeley Library such as WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) and WGSN. These sources are available in our Berkeley Library databases.
 This are to be clearly stated in the References (cited sources) Page.
 Use only a 12 size font and APA1 Format. Use Spell and Grammar Check.
 Please research and WRITE IN YOUR OWN WORDS to demonstrate an understanding of
the topic.
 Please document all sources including images.
 The Assignment is to be submitted as WORD DOCUMENT, a Word Format.
APA STYLE: Written submission must follow the APA-style. Here is a useful link to ensure you follow these guidelines:
Sample of APA Style Paper:

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