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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020

You will create an event bid to be a potential host city for the World Cup at the Jayhawkville United FC Stadium for 2026. This is an incredible honor, so it is important to show the city in its best light. This is especially true because Jayhawkville will be competing with at least 17 other cities in the United States and six cities in Canada and Mexico.

Your event bid will be sent to the United Bid of Canada, Mexico, and the United States committee as you attempt to earn the right to be a potential host city for the United States for the World Cup in 2026. Research the specifics of FIFA event bidding process and include your bid documents. Include why Jayhawkville Stadium is the best location for the World Cup and how it meets the requirements.

You will need to complete these tasks:

Create a purpose statement.
List host city credentials.
Discuss emergency and health services in the area.
Explain how the event will be staffed and covered in the media.
Elaborate on the accommodations and transportation services in the area, including information like airports, stadium amenities, hotels, and parking.
Discuss the layout of the facility and how it will support an event of this magnitude.
As you complete each section, make sure to refer back to event bids from your research that have been successful in each area.

Related Articles
The articles below from soccer websites provide some background on the FIFA bidding process:
Kansas City named to final list of candidate host cities in 2026 FIFA World Cup bid (Link will open in new tab.) (Links to an external site.). (2018, March 15). MLS.

United bid committee moves to next stage of bid process for 2026 FIFA World Cup (Link will open in new tab.) (Links to an external site.). (2017, October 4). U.S. Soccer.

Length: Your paper should be 3-5 pages long.
Format: Double-spaced, Times New Roman,12-point font, using APA format.
Sources: Please include at least 4 external sources, which can include the sources provided to you in the module, in addition to information from Jayhawkville. For this assignment, you may use graphs, photos, or facility maps.

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