Evaluate how your own cultural perspective has influenced your intercultural experiences.

Describe your solution to solve this problem.
November 30, 2020
Explain behavior and social conditions that cause offenders to commit crimes.
November 30, 2020

The Final/Course Reflection Paper (EXPLANATION)

The Final/Course Reflection Paper (EXPLANATION)

This final assignment, this Course Reflection Paper will allow you the opportunity to examine and ruminate upon all that we have discussed, seen, read and done throughout the course of the semester.  As such, you will want to discuss the following points in the context of the course content and theme:

Provide a discussion on how the course has enhanced your understanding of the term culture.

Discuss how the art and literature that we have explored is not only reflective of the individual who created it, but the community and culture to which these individuals pertain as well.

Explain how historical and social contexts have helped to shape human belief systems and values as well as how this is reflected in the art.

Evaluate how your own cultural perspective has influenced your intercultural experiences.

Be sure to use specific examples (names of artists or artists, character names, poem titles, titles of art works, etc.) to support your discussions.  You will want to reference a minimum of 5 different examples from the different modules (history, art, literature) we have covered during the course of the semester.  However, be mindful that you want the references to support the arguments and ideas you are putting forth and not to speak for you, i.e., act as your arguments and ideas.

You will be graded according to the rubric provided (see the attached MS Word document).  The rubric allows for a maximum of 100 points.  The assignment is worth 17 points, the grade will be scaled accordingly.

You must ensure that you follow standard MLA formatting and college-level grammar.  Remember as well, because you are writing an academic paper, your paper will follow the following formatting:

Introductory paragraph with thesis statement

Body paragraphs

Concluding paragraph with thesis restated and/or amended in light of discussions had in the body of the essay

If you are unclear on the mechanics of writing a strong essay, click on the Course Evaluation button and scroll to down to the section on essay writing.

Minimum Word Count: 900

Submit your paper as a Microsoft Word document via eCampus by the due date/time indicated on the Assignment Schedule.  Late submissions will not be accepted.


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